ReadyGo's Modular LMS

ReadyGo LMS is made up of two components.

  1. The components in ReadyGo LMS are:
ReadyGo SST
ReadyGo Merchant Connect
ReadyGo Server Side Testing - Register students, saves student responses including answers, scores, and survey results; and provides reports on the stored data. ReadyGo Merchant Connect- works with merchant software to facilitate sales of courses. ReadyGo Merchant Connect provides automatic registration and learner notification of courses purchased.
  1. All modules support an unlimited number of students and an unlimited number of courses; There are two ways you can deploy ReadyGo's Server Applications :
    1. Installed - Purchase a license and run it on your web server
    1. Hosted - Access all the same capabilities as the installed version but have ReadyGo manage the software in our cloud.
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