ReadyGo Merchant Connect Features

The ReadyGo LMS Merchant Connect module lets you sell individual courses or groups of courses to learners.

  1. ReadyGo Merchant Connect complements ReadyGo Web Course Builder and requires ReadyGo SST. With ReadyGo Merchant Connect, you can sell an unlimited number of courses to an unlimited number of learners.
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  1. What you need to do to set up ReadyGo Merchant Connect
    1. Create a web store using Google Checkout
    2. Install ReadyGo SST and Merchant Connect on your servers; or host them on our cloud
    3. Enter ReadyGo provided code into Google Checkout
      • Google Checkout notifies ReadyGo Merchant Connect when a course is purchased
      • ReadyGo Merchant Connect sends the student an e-mail with information on accessing the course.
      • Student registration information and test scores are saved in ReadyGo SST
    Note: All payment information is handled directly by Google Checkout
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