ReadyGo Plus Bundle

Create interactions for your ReadyGo WCB courses

  1. ReadyGo Plus Bundle includes one license of ReadyGo WCB, one license of Qarbon ViewletBuilder, and one license of eLearning Brothers Interaction Builder.
  1. Qarbon Viewlet Builder
    1. Qarbon Viewlet Builder is an application that lets you record your screen so that you can build screen snap shot simulations (Tours).
    1. View screen snap shot simulations built with Qarbon Viewlet Builder
  1. eLearning Brothers
    1. eLearning Brothers Interaction Builder is an application that lets you create and customize games and screen interactions to include in your courses.
It's True! It's True! Learn more about interactions that work and see sample eLearning Brothers and Qarbon ViewletBuilder interactions.
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